Studio Theatre of Bath, Maine

About Us

Jack Doepp, later a well-known designer of New York productions, fell in love with a historic and vacant church in downtown Bath, Maine in 1969 and set about converting the structure to house his Performing Arts Center of Bath (PACB).  A carpenter on the job, Cliff Greene, had always dreamed of becoming an actor.


Together, the two men decided that the first production PACB would undertake would be A Streetcar Named Desire.  The Broadway actress and New York director, Chouteau Chapin – also well known as Marlon Brando’s acting coach, directed the 1979 production, and the cast of mostly local folks played the run to standing-room only houses.  This was the first of over seventy productions by Studio Theatre of Bath in the years to follow.


While the people who make up Studio Theatre have changed over the years, the heart and soul of Studio Theatre has remained pretty much as Jack envisioned it.  Just simple, everyday people coming together in connecting and ever-expanding circles to share their gifts and talents with each other and the larger community.


The thrill of accomplishing a theatrical production still fills us with pride and the sound of applause with gratitude.


 – Suzanne Rankin